With over a century's worth of automotive history, we'd be willing to bet that there's a significant number of old cars that are just hiding within the US, waiting to be discovered. A good portion of those vehicles are rotting away in old garages – or barns – piling decades into their resumes.

One such car is the Plymouth PJ sedan, which was introduced during a not-so-flourishing era in the US during the '30s. Before it was launched, the stock market and businesses collapsed. Suffice it to say, the US economy was down during that time and Chrysler wanted to introduce a vehicle that was fit for the price-conscious public.

The Plymouth PJ was born. It was the biggest low-priced car on the market that used significantly less fuel than the competition. Over 350,000 units of the PJ were sold, and one of them found its way into a garage in 1983.

Since then, the 1935 Plymouth PJ featured by Ammo NYC here didn't move. However, the presenter of the video above figured that it hasn't had a proper wash longer than it was stored, amounting to 43 years.

The classic pre-war Plymouth was in bad shape, of course. The current owners wanted to get it back to a running state, and then sell it to a worthy buyer who's going to enjoy the car. To do that, Ammo NYC got to work and gave the rusty four-door serious detailing, inside and out.

It wasn't an easy task. The interior alone had been home to other living things, which resulted in the disgusting state of the upholstery. The process had to be delicate, as well, since modern processes might not be a good fit for the aging and deteriorating cabin.

After the detailing was finished, it was time to get the Plymouth to run again. Fortunately, the six-cylinder engine roared back to life through the hands of an expert mechanic.

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