A woman gave birth on the back seat of a Fit a few days ago and decided it would be appropriate to ask Honda for a replacement.

In a textbook case of wanting something for nothing, a woman figured she would try her luck and ask for a new car after giving birth to her daughter on the back seat of a Fit. The inquiry was made on Twitter only a few hours after the miracle of birth took place and since then the message has been retweeted by more than 18,000 people.

The rather tacky request was made by Beth Newell, founder and editor of Reductress, a satirical women’s magazine. Earlier this week, Honda jumped at the opportunity for some almost free publicity and actually gave her a call. The car manufacturer offered to clean the backseat of her Fit and also send diapers for the newborn daughter.

In addition, Honda is giving her a loaner car to use during the days while her Fit is getting a good scrub to get rid of the “mess,” as described by the new mother.

Source: Beth Newell (1, 2)