Appropriately called “TVR The Rebirth,” the teaser video provides a first glimpse of a brand new model that according to British media could revive the “Griffith” moniker.

While the previous photo was actually a render published by Autocar, this time it’s the real deal. The car is joined in the adjacent image by a couple of classic TVRs, the original Tuscan (left) and Tuscan Speed Six (right). From what we’re seeing so far, the designers are betting on a retro-flavored look for the new model that wants to put TVR back on the sports car map.

To do so, it needs to be more than just a pretty face. That’s why TVR is set to implement a meaty V8 Cosworth engine which will deliver in excess of 400 horsepower. That should be enough for a run to 62 mph (100 kph) in less than four seconds. The engineers are targeting a curb weight of around 2,535 pounds (1,150 kilograms) using Gordon Murray's carbon fiber manufacturing technique.

Hundreds of people have already lined up to get the car, even though it won’t go on sale sooner than 2018. Believed to bring back the “Griffith” nameplate, the high-performance machine is going to be assembled at a brand new facility located next to the Circuit of Wales.

As far as pricing is concerned, in the U.K. it will kick off from an estimated £65,000, but there’s going to be a launch edition with a “sub-£100,000” sticker, according to TVR owner Les Edgar. He went on to specify there is also going to be a convertible version that will come at a later date.

Note: TVR has disabled the embed function, so you'll have to check out the video on YouTube.

Source: TVR

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