New model adds 19 miles per charge, costs $3,000 over base Model S 70.

By: Brandon Turkus

The California Air Resources Board has made a boo boo. Electrek reported yesterday That the organization's website has accidentally outed the existence of a new, mid-range version of the Tesla Model S . Elon Musk's company then confirmed the report. According to Electrek, Tesla will soon sell the Model S with a 75 kilowatt-hour battery pack, in addition pcs to the 70- and 90-kWh vehicles currently on sale. This is not a surprising move, considering Tesla recently Introduced in Model X with a 75-kWh battery . While the high-rider will slot the new battery in as the base powertrain, the S will feature the 75 as a mid-range choice, Car and Driver reports . But The Verge says That may simply be a ploy to Exhaust 70-kWh batteries , citing Tesla's decision to briefly sell the old 85-kWh battery alongside the newer 90-kWh unit last year, before offing the older unit. The new 75-kWh battery added 17 miles to the original Model X 70D's 220-mile range, but in the Model S en Should be good for a 25-mile INCREASE over the 70 and a range of up to 259 miles. The 90D remains the choice for maximum mileage, covering 294 miles per charge. Performance figures have not Been confirmed yet, but we'd expect a small improvement in the base car's 5.5-second run to 60 mph. Multiple outlets are reporting That Tesla has confirmed the new battery pack will come with a $ 3,000 premium. It's Likely all-wheel-drive will remain at $ 5,000 option. While the Model S 'online configurator still only shows the 70- and 90-kW models, Tesla confirmed to The Verge That the 75-kWh model will be available for order at the end of the week.

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