The indestructible Mercedes Unimog has been converted into a food truck based on the U 318 model.

If we would have to pick just one vehicle to try and survive the zombie apocalypse, the Unimog would probably be it. That’s because it has exceptional off-road capabilities and is solid as a rock, so it can go virtually anywhere and tackle even the most extreme environments. Now, the very dependable all-rounder vehicle has been transformed into a mobile kitchen in Finland by entrepreneur Sami Repo.

He used the U 318 version of the Unimog and incorporated an impressive barbecue oven which can hold up to 881 pounds (400 kilograms) of food. Imported from Spain, the massive BBQ is complemented by a wash basin, work surfaces, gas stove, along with several cooking utensils and a copper water boiler.

Repo wanted to give his customized food truck a Finnish theme which is why the inside of the rear wall is adorned with an old school presentation board featuring pictures of whales. On the outside of the same rear wall, old wooden panels were installed and these have a tarvia (natural tar) surface which ensures waterproofing.

The Unimog U 318 mobile kitchen is used for various company and public events, as well as birthday parties, some of which are organized off-road and in Finland’s harsh winters months (from three to seven, depending on region). Repo believes the Mercedes Unimog is a “truck for life” and he is also thinking of getting a crane to do some forestry work on his farm.

In addition, the entrepreneur is toying around with the idea of building a motorhome body for his Unimog to take it on more extensive trips.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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