A brand-new Sprinter van is coming. Here's our first look at a prototype out on the road.

The always-useful Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is about to get a comprehensive overhaul, and here's our first look at the next-generation van. This prototype is still wearing a lot of the existing Sprinter's body, but the new face is hidden by a thick layer of camouflage, as is the interior.

It looks like the new Sprinter will wear an evolution of the V-Class/Metris' elegant schnoz. We don't expect the functional-first shape of the van to change much, and the general mechanics should be the same. Rear-wheel drive should be standard, with optional four-wheel drive, paired with a range of diesel engines. Look for all of Mercedes' driving aids to carry over, as well.

The next-generation Sprinter is expected to launch in 2018. Since that's relatively far away, don't be surprised to see more and more prototypes over the next couple of years.

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