V60 Cross Country outsold the sedan nearly 14 to 1.

Volvo had high hopes for the S60 Cross Country when it was introduced at the North American International Auto Show last year but it appears consumer reaction has been mixed particularly in the United Kingdom.

As Autocar reports, Volvo has decided to drop the model in the U.K. after the company was only able to sell 34 models since the S60 Cross Country went on sale in April of 2015.  That's pretty pathetic but Volvo is brushing it off by saying the model was never aimed at U.K. consumers and noted it sold all the models it "had access to."

The S60 Cross Country will continue to be available in a number of other countries and the V60 Cross Country will still be offered in the United Kingdom.  The latter model is far more appealing to buyers as U.K consumers have already snapped up 478 units - a full 444 more than the S60 Cross Country.

As a refresher, the S60 Cross Country is an off-road inspired sedan which features plastic body cladding, meatier tires, and an additional 2.5 inches of ground clearance.  Depending on the market, the model can be equipped with T5 and D4 engines which can be paired to an optional all-wheel-drive system.

Source: Autocar

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