The automotive industry has become a very complex global mechanism, which is dependable on hundreds and thousands of satellite suppliers and companies. All this means that even if you buy a car that wears the Made in US label, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all its components come from the United States. There’s now a study that tracks which are the vehicles with the highest percentage of American-made parts. And the results for 2022 are in.

Just like every prior year, the American University Kogod School of Business creates an index that reflects the Americanization of every vehicle on the US market. For 2022, the Lincoln Corsair tops the chart with 72 percent of its components made in the United States or Canada and a US-made engine. The same result refers to both the standard combustion Corsair and the Corsair plug-in hybrid. The final assembly, engine production, and transmission production of these two vehicles are all located in the US.

Overall, many automakers have increased their US content in the last 12 months, the study reveals. Compared to the results from 2015, however, Stellantis (former FCA), Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai/Kia, Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen all saw drops in their results. Meanwhile, last year’s vehicle with the highest number of American-made components, the Ford Mustang, ranks 22 for 2022 as a result of moving to a Mexican-made transmission. 

Other notable findings include Tesla’s strong result with 5 cars in the top 10 list, including the Model 3 Performance and Model Y (5th place), as well as the Model 3 Lond Range (2nd place). For comparison, back in 2013, the first year in which Tesla was included in the study, the electric vehicle manufacturer ranked 14th.

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