What's more luxurious than controlling vehicle functions from your smartwatch?

“The luxury of control on your wrist.” That’s how Bentley is billing its new Apple Watch app for the Bentayga SUV. Now, your passengers needn’t bother fiddling with buttons and knobs like a commoner – folks inside the Bentayga can manage functions like climate control, entertainment, seat heating and massage, and more, right from their smartwatches.

Apple Watch wearers connect to the Bentayga via Bluetooth, and – in addition to the aforementioned controls – users can monitor things like vehicle speed, distance travelled, and outside temperature. Yes, all that data is displayed within the gauge cluster, but having to glance all the way over there is such a chore.

All jokes aside, it’s cool to see automakers finding ways to pair the latest technology with their vehicles. And while a smartwatch app like this may seem a bit silly, just remember, it comes from the same company that offers the Bentayga with an optional $160,000 clock.

Source: Bentley

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