The 310-hp Golf GTI Clubsport S is certainly the main star at the Wörthersee meeting, but VW also has on display something with even more power. Meet the 400-hp Golf GTI Heartbeat one-off.

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Although it has 90 hp more power than the limited-run Golf GTI Clubsport S, VW isn’t saying what is under the hood of this apprentice-built Heartbeat. It only mentions the car is based on the Golf GTI Performance, so it could be fitted with the same turbocharged 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine. Regardless of what powers it, the one-off Heartbeat comes to celebrate the GTI’s 40th anniversary and was created over the course of less than nine months.

Apprentices aged between 20 and 26 training in five different vocations were in charge of the project and they picked a reflex silver metallic body paint. This look was combined with a dark grey foil for the roof and front end to further differentiate it from the regular model. To provide a bit of contrast, there are a bunch of bright tornado red accents that also have a correspondent inside the cabin.

The hot hatchback has also received a custom body kit finished in high-gloss black and has eschewed the stock wheels in favor of a 20-inch BBS set that has special paintwork created specifically for this one-off.

Although interior pics are not available, we do know VW’s apprentices removed the rear seats and modified the trunk to accomodate a 1,360-watt audio system featuring seven speakers, engraved glass covers, and LED lighting.

The VW Golf GTI Heartbeat is the latest example in a long string of one-offs built by the company’s apprentices, such as: 2015 Dark Shine, 2014 Wolfsburg Edition, 2013 Cabrio Austria, 2012 Black Dynamic, and the 2011 Reifnitz. All of these Golf GTIs are just for show to demonstrate the talent of VW’s apprentices, so don’t expect a 400-hp Golf GTI in the near future.

Source: Volkswagen

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