Thefts continue to plague automakers in the Detroit area. Would-be thieves attempted to steal at least two Dodge Durango SUVs today, according to WWJ 950, but a chainlink fence prevented them from getting away with the vehicles.

Photos posted to social media by WWJ 950 reporter Ryan H. Marshall showed two damaged Durango SUVs sitting on a hill outside the automaker’s Jefferson North Plant in Detroit. It looks like Stellantis surrounded the facility with two fences, the first preventing the Durangos from making their escape.


The lead Durango received extensive damage to the lower front bumper, which is where the SUV decided to collect the chainlink fence. The second Durango was also damaged in the incident, receiving a deep gouge to the passenger side front bumper, fender, and headlight. It’s unclear if more vehicles were involved or if additional damage was caused at the property. The high ground makes it difficult to see inside the facility. The photos from the scene showed a tow truck on site to remove the vehicles, with the lead car entangled in the fence, making it difficult to recover.

Stellantis told WWJ 950 that it’s working with police on “the attempted theft of several vehicles.” The incident was reported at around 12:30 a.m Tuesday. The investigation remains open, and Stellantis said that it would not provide any additional comment on the matter to the radio station.

This is just the latest attempted theft targeting automakers this year. Last month, about 30 people were able to steal 13 vehicles from a Flint, Michigan, dealership. A 7,000-volt electrified fence and an armed guard were not enough to stop the thieves, who exchanged gunfire with the guard during the incident.

The Mustang and Durango haven’t been the only models targeted. In June, police recovered 13 stolen Ford F-150 Raptors. However, a month later, thieves would go on to steal multiple examples of the pickup, but police successfully arrested three suspects and discovered a stolen Mustang.

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