Porsche is refreshing the 911 lineup, and a new batch of spy photos captures the 911 GT3 Touring testing in the snow. The car looks uncovered, but the automaker uses deceptive black cladding to hide the coupe’s styling changes.

The new photos reveal that the 911 GT3 Touring will receive many of the same updates as the regular GT3 also in development. The Touring’s front end is exposed, looking unchanged, but that doesn’t mean Porsche plans to leave it alone. The car is in the early stages of development, and front-end changes could appear later.

Gallery: Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Spy Photos

The bulk of the camouflage on this test vehicle is at the back. The car wears a black bumper cover that hides the design changes. Porsche will likely restyle the bumper, but it couldn’t hide the massive rear diffuser with more prominent vertical elements than the current car. However, the round dual-exhaust tips remain.

The new images don’t show the car’s interior, but we have seen inside the revamped 911 Carrera. That car is getting a new digital instrument cluster that’s expected to proliferate throughout the lineup, including the GT3 Touring. However, it looks like the new screen will be the most significant change made to the cabin.

The GT3 Touring debuted in 2021 with a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine. The engine makes 502 horsepower (374 kilowatts) and 346 pound-feet (469 Newton-meters) of torque, and it’s unclear if the current powertrain will carry over to the new car. We know the company has plans to introduce a hybrid 911 focused on performance, but details are elusive. Porsche offers the current Touring with either a six-speed manual transmission or a PDK gearbox.

The revamped Porsche 911 is in the early stages of development, so we’ll be waiting a while for the official debut. Porsche will likely start revealing the model with the 911 Carrera before rolling out the other variants, but the automaker could surprise us. We doubt we’ll see the new 911 break cover before the end of the year, so expect big things for the iconic model in 2023 from the brand.

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