Danish sports car dealer Lysdahl Simonsen has a very interesting car on sale, a track-only McLaren P1 GTR that hasn’t been driven by the owner at all.

McLaren made about 45 P1 GTRs and sold them exclusively to existing owners of the road-going P1 which itself was limited to just 375 examples. It seems one of them bought the race car purely as an investment and is now looking to flip it for a nice profit. While McLaren asked $3.2 million for a P1 GTR, this Danish dealership wants 29.7M DKK which in dollars stands at no less than $4.6 million.

To make sure the car’s value will go up rather than down, the person who bought the P1 GTR hasn’t driven it at all as the car only has the delivery mileage. You can imagine it takes a considerably amount of self-control not to sign up for McLaren’s driver program to take the 1,000-hp hybrid machine to the track and have some fun.

This owner found the power to resist the temptation and instead is now targeting a sizeable profit. $1.4 million in this case, that is if someone is willing to buy the “best driver's car in the world on track,” as described by McLaren.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, maybe that mint condition 1998 McLaren F1 maintained by MSO we talked about last week will tickle your fancy. However, that masterpiece probably costs more than $10 million, so this P1 GTR is a lot more affordable if we can call a $4.6M car that way.

Source: lysdahl-simonsen.dk via motorauthority.com

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