Ferrari organized free trials for owners as part of the XX and F1 Clienti programs on the Mugello track. No less than 34 race cars gathered to provide a wonderful engine symphony.

It’s perfectly understandable to be green with envy after watching the owners of cars from Ferrari’s XX program enjoying the perks of buying such a high-end machine. There were no less than 34 XX cars at the Mugello track, with 18 FXX Ks, 11 599XX Evos, and four 599Xs.

There was also one FXX which was actually the earliest ancestor of the lineup, being the first XX-badged model to come out back in 2005. It is worth mentioning Ferrari retains custody of all XX cars and owners can only drive their prized possessions during special events like this one.

As if this latest XX gathering wasn’t already very impressive, on the second day of the free practice, the XX cars shared the track in Tuscany with the F1 Clienti cars. There were a total of 13 Formula 1 race cars on the Italian circuit, including here the F2001, F2002, and F2003-GA. To sweeten the pot even further, Olivier Beretta and Marc Gené, test drivers for Scuderia Ferrari, were on location to help out drivers learn how to fully exploit the potential of these track beasts.

After the free trials at Mugello, the event organized for owners from the F1 Clienti and the XX programs came to an end at a fancy gala dinner in Florence. Ferrari is already preparing the next event which will take place later this month Vallelunga, just outside of Rome.

Source: Ferrari

Gallery: Ferrari F1 Clienti and the XX Programmes at Mugello track

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