According to a new report, three Cadillac models have some of the longest days-to-turn averages in the U.S.

Cadillac's own executives know the electric ELR is a "big disappointment," and a recent list from only confirms that. The site published a roster of the 15 cars with the longest "days-to-turn" average – the length of time that new cars sit on dealer lots – and the ELR ranks second. Well, kind of. The number-one spot technically goes to the Honda Insight, which was discontinued in mid-2014. So if you pare down the list to only include current model-year offerings, the ELR, at 208.6 days to turn, takes first place.

But the ELR isn't the only Cadillac with this problem. The ATS comes in fourth place, with a 153.3 days-to-turn average, behind the third-place Dodge Avenger, which is also a discontinued model. Even the more popular CTS makes the top ten – it's in eighth place, at 141.3 days to turn.

Of course, some of the ELR's problem is due to the fact that Cadillac skipped a 2015 model year for its expensive two-door. And besides, the ELR isn't long for this world, anyway. Still, it's not all bad news with Caddy sales – the Escalade SUV continues to do well, the strong-selling SRX was just replaced by the new XT5 crossover, and the flagship CT6 is just now hitting dealerships.

Source: via The Truth About Cars

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