An interesting wagon conversion of a 1994 Bentley Brooklands is up for grabs in Marbella, Spain if you have €149,000 (about $171,130) to spare.

Introduced in 1992, the original Brooklands served as a replacement for the Mulsanne and Eight models and acted as a more affordable alternative to the beefier Turbo R. It was only sold as a four-door sedan, but it seems there were a few people with very deep pockets interested in a more practical version. That’s how the estate came to life, but only in limited quantities as according to the listing on only nine units were ever made. Called “Val d'Isere,” this is one of the cars converted and apparently has Saudi Arabian plates.

The ad doesn’t reveal a lot of details, but it does mention “Robert Jankel Design” and in one of the pics showing the side sill you can see a special plaque saying the same thing. That means the car was actually converted by Robert Jankel Design, a British designer founder of Panther Westwinds in Weybridge, Surrey, UK. Jankel apparently made nine of these Brooklands estates and now you can buy one for a hefty €149,000.

It seems to be in top notch condition, as it should taking into account it has been used for just 258 miles (416 kilometers). Underneath the hood it has the same Rolls-Royce 6.75-liter V8 engine producing 245 horsepower (180 kilowatts) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton meters) of torque. Interestingly, we found the car on another site where it says it actually has an all-wheel-drive layout compared to the standard model which was RWD.

There’s no word about how much it weighs, but the modified body style and the AWD setup must have added some bulk compared to the sedan’s 5,357 pounds (2,430 kilograms). Consequently, the performance is probably not as good compared to the regular version which back in the day needed 9.8 seconds until 62 mph (100 kph) before topping out at 134 mph (215 kph).

Besides the elongated rear end to enable a bigger trunk and the added traction after switching to AWD, the special Bentley Brooklands Estate also received roof rails for extra practicality. But is it really worth the asking price?


1994 Bentley Brooklands Estate