Barn finds are cool, not just because of the classic and oftentimes rare cars found, but also because of the interesting stories that often come in tow. In the case of this 1968 Chevy Corvette C3, the story that began with a dream car purchase ended after an altercation with the authorities.

The Corvette barn find has been documented by Junkyard Life on YouTube, which was invited to witness the relocation of the aging sports car in northern Alabama. This isn't the first time these folks have seen the classic C3; they featured the coupe five years ago. According to the channel, the building that housed the car was in danger of coming down, hence, the need to move the dilapidated vehicle. 

While the 1968 Corvette 427 was a special car in its own right, this specific red convertible had an interesting story to tell. According to Junkyard Life, and the car's owner (charmingly known as "Big Block Mike") that story began in 1974.

As a high school teen with a Corvette fever, Mike was working part-time at an S&H Green Stamp store near a Chevy dealership that specialized in Corvette sales. After some negotiation, Mike bought the C3 Convertible, equipped with a big block 7.0-liter V8, for some $2,900.

Used for fun and transportation, Big Block Mike earned major street cred at that time, primarily because he owned the fastest car in town. That reputation didn't escape the notice of the local police, it seems.

After an ill-fated car chase with the cops (we told you this was an interesting story) Mike had to lay low and hide the car. That wasn't an easy task since – in addition to simply being a memorable make and model – the 'Vette sported a mismatched black rear quarter panel from a mechanic mishap. This led to Big Block Mike shelving the 'Vette in the garage, where it was stuck for more than four decades.

The 1968 Corvette 427's restoration is currently underway, so there's a huge chance we'll see Mike back behind the steering wheel of his notorious ride. And check out the Rambling About Cars podcast for more Corvette news, available below.

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