A typical person might look at a Formula 1 wheel and wonder how it would look on car, or on display in a shop, or even repurposed as a cool coffee table. Wondering what it would be like to ride, however, ventures into the realm of mad automotive science. We like that realm.

We're introduced to this wacky experiment courtesy of The Q on YouTube, and we're even treated to a cool illusion right off the bat. Envisioning what an F1-wheel skateboard would be like, some cleverly placed mirrors give the impression that the rider is straddling the tire in midair. This apparently serves as the proof-of-concept, and construction gets underway.

A two-wheel hoverboard is sacrificed to give the big racing tire a means of propulsion. The electric motor with its sensors allows for forward and reverse operation, and it's neatly installed in one of the very large footrests flanking the wheel. The video description states it's a legit F1 wheel, mounted to a custom-fabricated axle and bracket which is then bolted to a custom-fabricated steel platform. The video makes the construction look deceptively easy, but the axle assembly alone consists of multiple steel discs hand-cut and shaped to fit the motor to the wheel.

With a bit of red paint and some F1-appropriate sponsor stickers, the motorized monowheel looks fantastic but how does it handle? Given the size of the wheel and all the steel used for construction, the hoverboard motor might be a bit overtasked for this role. Speed looks pretty slow, and it required quite a lengthy stance for the rider to simply clear the tire. We suspect enthusiasts of a shorter stature might struggle to operate it all, but hey, that's the price for looking cool at an F1 race.

This build isn't quite as crazy as a walking Lada or a Chevy Cavalier ice shanty. But with winter closing in on the northern regions of the world, expect to see more mad scientist creations to keep otherwise idle hands busy.

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