A helpless Porsche 911 was devoured by flames after it was torched by protesters in Nantes, France.

Nantes was just one of the cities in France where protesters clashed with the local law enforcements during nationwide rioting over labor reforms. No less than 124 people were arrested across the country this week during the massive protests which according to The Guardian involved at least 170,000 workers and students.

Besides numerous property damages, 24 police officers were injured on Thursday during the protests and three of them are now recuperating after sustaining severe injuries.

As the footage from Russia Today shows, the clash between civilians and the police authorities was quite eventful and violent, with the protesters setting on fire a Porsche 911 that was parked on the side of the street.

The Carrera 4S model of the 996 generation was obliterated by the rioters which most likely threw a very flammable cocktail inside the sports car’s cabin. Although there’s no footage of the aftermath available now, chances are the all-wheel-drive 996 is beyond salvageable at this point taking into account the fire was very intense.

A new nationwide demonstration is programmed for Sunday during Labor Day and hopefully history won’t repeat itself and there will be fewer incidents compared to Thursday's protest. At the forefront of these manifestations are young people unhappy because many of them can't find permanent jobs.

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