Volkswagen’s very talented apprentices have prepared a one-off Golf GTI as a celebration for the model’s 40th birthday.

Five women and seven men have worked on the special Golf GTI which has been engineered to be eligible for road-legal status, with VW saying it’s going to be registered for road use. Details about the new one-off have not been released, but it seems to be a three-door version with a prominent roof-mounted spoiler and a set of large alloys. It also appears to have a wider body and a very short rear end.

The one-of-a-kind Golf GTI will act as a follow up to numerous others cars modified by VW’s apprentices, with the most recent example being last year’s Golf GTI Dark Shine concept. A year before, they brought to Wörthersee a 380-hp Golf GTI Wolfsburg Edition, while in 2013 they showed up at the GTI Meeting with the Golf GTI Cabrio Austria concept. Older examples that we’ve covered over the years include the 2012 Golf GTI Black Dynamic and the 2011 Golf GTI Reifnitz.

The latest special unique Golf GTI won’t actually be the star of the 35th Wörthersee event. That’s because the main highlight of the event will be the official introduction of the most powerful, full-production Golf ever, the GTI Clubsport S. It’s going to have 310 horsepower (228 kilowatts) while keeping the front-wheel-drive layout you’d expect from a GTI. Availability is going to be limited taking into account VW says the plan is to make only 5,000 units.

Source: Volkswagen

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