Drive Me London project kicks off early next year.

Volvo has announced plans to conduct the United Kingdom's "most ambitious autonomous driving trial" next year.

The Drive Me London project will kick off in early 2017 with a "limited number" of semi-autonomous driving vehicles which will be available to the public.  The program will be expanded in 2018 to include up to 100 semi-autonomous driving vehicles which will make the project the largest and most extensive autonomous driving program in the United Kingdom.

Volvo use information collected from the experiment to improve its autonomous driving technology to ensure it is suitable for real-world driving conditions.  The automaker says this is far preferable to "more unrealistic conditions found on test tracks."

UK Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills praised the initiative by saying "Driverless cars will see our journeys become faster, cleaner and safer." Sajid Javid went on to say "The UK is leading the way in developing the technology needed to make this a reality thanks to our world-class research base and these types of trials will become increasingly common."

Volvo is key proponent of autonomous driving vehicles as research has shown the technology can reduce the number of car accidents by up to 30 percent.  The automaker also notes a vast majority of accidents are caused by human error and autonomous driving technology virtually eliminates this problem.

Source: Volvo

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