After 16 years we bid a fond farewell to

It was the year 2000 when the idea to create a website for car enthusiasts was hatched. While attending technical school for automotive technology, I brought together a couple classmates and six months later was born. Over the next five years we had experienced steady growth but we noticed the potential of GCF was limited. 

So we took it to the next level and launched in 2005. At the same time we launched sub-sites AmericanCarFans, EuropeanCarFans, GermanCarFans, and JapaneseCarFans but quickly discovered that it segmented our readership too much; all of the attention remained on WCF.

In the years that followed, 100 hour work weeks and no time off was the norm. We constantly had to stay “plugged in” to keep up with the work flow and maintain that precious little revenue that this “new” company called Google was able to provide us. It was our lifeblood. 

Then came the stock market crash of 2008. Revenue had receded and we quickly had to consolidate. We closed our 30 square meter office and went back to working from our homes. It took a few years for revenue to return but at that point the damage had already been done. 

It wasn't until 2012 the extensive hours started to take its toll on me. Symptoms of fatigue and cognitive stress started to surface. I was forced to take a step back. I diverted myself with my family and three children and focused on both of my son's kart racing. Slowly I returned back to editorial work and found a balance where I could still be productive and contribute to WCF content in a meaningful way. Then an opportunity presented itself.

In May of last year WCF was acquired by Network with the intent of launching a new automotive global platform called With WCF as the foundation plus the far reaching resources and experience of, is positioning itself to be a formidable force in the online automotive space. 

Re-energized and ready to tackle new challenges, I will continue my editorial role with and will also help oversee the global expansion of regional offices into many new countries. It is a privilege for me to be involved in such a huge project with so many talented people.

And now we have come full circle. As one door closes, we give a fond farewell to The passion and enthusiasm it represented was merely a reflection of you, its loyal readership. Its success would not have been possible without your time and attention. 

But yet, another door opens and I implore you to give the same passion and value in After all, it's still the same editorial team producing the same quality content you have come to know at WCF. So please stick around and let's take this experience to new heights.

Sincerest thanks and gratitude.

- Brian Potter, UK Director,