Qoros and FreeValve AB have unveiled a new concept which features a "Qamfree" engine.

Currently on display at Auto China, the concept is powered by a unique four-cylinder engine which eschews a camshaft and related components.  The aforementioned components are replaced by FreeValve’s Pneumatic-Hydraulic-Electric-Actuator technology which allows for "far greater control over the engine’s intake and exhaust valves." FreeValve says this "allows independent control over every valve’s precise opening/closing position and timing throughout the whole combustion cycle."

Despite being somewhat technical, the PHEA technology will enable future engines to be lighter, smaller, and more powerful than traditional engines which use a camshaft.  The cam-less engine will also be more fuel-efficient and have fewer emissions than its more mainstream counterparts.

FreeValve AB isn't exactly a household name but it is a sister company to Koenigsegg and has a laboratory located within the headquarters of the Swedish automaker. Koenigsegg CEO Christian von Koenigsegg is also FreeValve's Chairman of the Board.

In a statement, FreeValve CEO Urban Carlsson said “We are both pleased and proud to have found such a willing industry partner as Qoros Auto to complete the transition of FreeValve’s PHEA technology from a working concept to a production application for passenger vehicles.”  His sentiments were echoed by Christian von Koenigsegg who stated “We believe that one day in the very near future, the arrival of FreeValve PHEA technology will represent as big a transition, or bigger, than the move from carburetors to direct injection.”

Source: Koenigsegg

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