Debuts in the Transit and Transit Custom vans.

Ford has added a new diesel engine to its lineup, part of the new EcoBlue engine family.

Ford currently has one of the most efficient engines on the planet, the 1.0-liter EcoBoost, which is now joined by a new 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel motor. The Blue oval says the unit is a “game changer” in terms of efficiency, fuel consumption, and power.

The four-cylinder engine debuts in the Transit and Transit Custom vans in three power stages – 105 horsepower (77 kilowatts), 130 hp (96 kW), and 170 hp (125 kW). Probably the most important thing for a light commercial vehicle is the torque delivery across the rev range and the automaker says drivability of the new diesel is enhanced thanks to 20 percent more torque at 1,250 rpm compared with the outgoing 2.2-litre TDCi diesel. The radiated noise has been reduced by four decibels at idle.

It was only yesterday when a new study revealed 97 percent of all modern diesels emit more NOx than the limits, but Ford claims the new EcoBlue unit emits ultra-low emissions in line with the Euro 6 standards, thanks to sophisticated after-treatment processes for exhaust gasses.

The manufacturer also confirmed the new engine, developed by engineering teams in the U.K. and Germany, will soon find its place in the passenger cars of the brand alongside a new 1.5‑liter variant.

“Ford’s EcoBoost created a new standard for petrol engines – smaller, more efficient with surprising performance,” Jim Farley, chairman and CEO of Ford of Europe, commented. “That same obsession to innovate for the customer is behind our new Ford EcoBlue diesel engine range. This new engine lifts fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 by over 10 per cent in Transit, part of Europe’s best-selling commercial vehicle line-up, lowering costs for our customers.”

Check out the press release section below for more technical details

Source: Ford

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