Volkswagen has announced plans to bring a special edition of the Golf GTI Clubsport to next week’s 35th Wörthersee Meet.

Spotted on camera just a few days ago, the hotter Golf GTI Clubsport is being billed by VW as the “most powerful full-production Golf to date.” Still a front-wheel-drive car, the forthcoming special edition will have no less than 310 horsepower (228 kilowatts), making it even stronger than the all-wheel-drive, 300-hp Golf R.

Besides revealing the output, VW is also saying the model’s driving profile is being set up for the Nürburgring with help from racing drivers. Reading between the lines, the guys from Wolfsburg are probably suggesting the hot hatchback will attempt to take down the current record on the ‘Ring for a FWD car.

This record (kind of) belongs to Honda after completing the lap in 7:50.63 with a Civic Type R prototype. If you don’t want to take this performance into account because it wasn’t a production car, the Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy-R is the second best, with a time of 7:54.36. Since the speed limits on the ‘Ring have been abolished, VW could attempt to go below 7:50 with the 310-hp Golf GTI.

Even though VW refers to this new addition as a “full-production” car, it will not be a permanent member in the Golf GTI's lineup as the target is to make only 5,000 units. Regarding its moniker, we now have confirmation from the automaker the car's full name is going to be Golf GTI Clubsport S, as suggested by our spy photographers.

The official reveal is set to take place on May 4 on the shores of Lake Wörthersee and the car will go on sale this fall.

Source: Volkswagen

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