The Environmental Protection Agency has released ratings for Tesla Motors’ revised Model S which show the electric sedan has surpassed the 300-mile mark.

When Tesla Motors introduced the grille-less Model S earlier this month, the 90D was listed with a Tesla-estimated maximum range on the highway of 294 miles (473 kilometers). However, InsideEVs discovered on EPA’s website the updated 90D is actually rated at 303.2 miles (488 km), thus enabling the Model S to hit the 300-mile mark for the first time.

It’s a major improvement compared to the previous EPA rating of 270 miles (434.5 km) which was actually for the 85-kWh model since the 90-kWh version was never tested.

As far as the dual-motor P90D is concerned, the old one was listed by EPA at 253 miles (407 km) and now the new version can do 270 miles (434.5 km).

If you’re not impressed with the new 303-mile rating of the updated 90D, it is worth mentioning Tesla Motors posted the image below on Facebook yesterday and it’s probably a teaser for the 100-kWh battery option. If that’s the case, range anxiety should become less of a problem since the battery will likely have enough juice for more than 320 miles (515 km). Even if the image is not in any way related to a possible 100-kWh battery option, many reports have indicated a P100D is in the works.

Source: InsideEVs, Tesla Motors (Facebook)

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