Update: The livestream has ended.

You can read about Lancia's new design language in our Lancia debut post.

If there's one brand in dire straits underneath the Stellantis corporate umbrella, it's definitely Lancia. Reduced to a single, aging model sold only at home in Italy, the troubled automaker is not giving up without a fight. Its parent company recently outlined a 10-year plan that will see the launch of a next-generation Ypsilon and the revival of the Aurelia and Delta. We should get an early glimpse of all three during the Lancia Design Day.

From the few official details released so far, we know the next-gen Ypsilon is due in 2024 and will continue to serve as a subcompact hatchback. It's set to be approximately four meters (157 inches) long and Lancia plans to sell it with hybrid and electric drivetrains. The Italian automaker has already announced to infuse some retro design cues into its future products, so expect the supermini to harken back to classic nameplates.

Come 2026, Lancia will introduce the Aurelia, a purely electric crossover stretching at 4.6 meters (181.1 inches) to serve as the brand's EV. Further down the line, 2028 will see the launch of a new Delta measuring 4.4 meters (173.2 inches). This third model – also entirely electric – is characterized as being a "sculpted and muscular car, with geometric lines."

The next-generation Ypsilon we mentioned earlier will be Lancia's final car to have a combustion engine as everything coming from 2026 will be an EV. The Stellantis brand has already announced it'll end sales of ICE cars in 2028. To support the new wave of products, the company intends to become active in export markets once again, with 100 dealerships to be operational in 60 countries. Physical dealerships will generate only half of the sales as Lancia projects half of the customers will choose to buy the cars online.

We should get a glimpse of all three new models during the Lancia Design Day livestream, which starts at 1 PM GMT or 8 AM ET.

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