A heavily camouflaged van was spotted recently by our U.S.-based spy photographers and we are inclined to believe it was a Nissan Serena.

The Nissan Serena isn’t currently available in United States, but that could change in the near future taking into account a prototype of the van was seen in Michigan hiding underneath this unattractive disguise. It doesn’t seem to look exactly the same as the existing model, so maybe it is the upcoming fifth generation. The current model has been around since 2010, so it would make sense to bring the next-gen to United States rather than a model that has been on sale for almost six years.

It’s not exactly the prettiest MPV out there, but the fridge-like body does maximize cabin space which is what matters the most when you are shopping in this segment. In addition, getting inside should be a breeze thanks to the sliding doors. Needless to say, the U.S. version will adopt a left-hand drive layout as opposed to this masked prototype which had a RHD configuration.

The front grille seems to be positioned slighter lower than on the current model and we also notice the headlights and side mirrors have a different shape. At the back you will observe the vertical taillights have changed because the clusters no longer go all the way up and these also have different graphics. These alterations could suggest that we have here is the next generation, rather than a U.S. version of the current model.

Regardless if it’s the fourth of fifth generation, seeing Nissan making efforts to possibly bring the Serena to United States comes somewhat as a surprise since people now prefer crossovers and SUVs.

2017 Nissan Serena U.S. Spec spy photo