Over 50 years since it was introduced, the Ferrari 512 S Modulo Concept designed by Pininfarina continues to influence. As smartphones have become essential, the Italian design house wants to keep up with modern times while seeking inspiration from the past by designing its very first iPhone case, inspired by the award-winning concept car.

The Pininfarina-designed iPhone cases were made in collaboration with Inkar. It adds to the Modulo-inspired elements we've seen in the past, most recently the five Modulo Concept NFTs and stamps introduced in Italy two years ago. Even better, these smartphone cases are super limited in relation to the billions of Apple iPhone users worldwide.

Gallery: Pininfarina iPhone Cases Inspired By Modulo Concept

According to Inkar, it took two years to develop these iPhone cases, which allowed the details to be honed to the nearest 0.1mm. Design elements from the Glickenhaus-owned Modulo Concept were incorporated into the cases, courtesy of Pininfarina designer Paolo Lugaro, primarily with the car's distinct curves and the unique 24 holes in the engine cover. The cases are crafted one by one in Italy.

The cases are fully customizable, with five colors, two types of leather for the lens, and ten plates made of leather, natural wood, carbon fiber, and aluminum available for customers to choose from.

There will be 99 cases to be produced for 13 Pro and 14 Pro each. Among those, only five come as the exclusive redline silver cases, which have a design element that harkens to the red streak on the sides of the Ferrari 512 S Modulo Concept. Each of the cases will come with an engraved serial number engraved to record their rarity.

The price of the Pininfarina-designed Inkar iPhone cases wasn't disclosed as of this writing. If you're interested, you will be able to buy one starting December 1, 2022, through the Inkar website.

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