A 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB driven by a man named Josef Tosovsky caused a multiple-vehicle collision on Georgetown Pike highway in Virginia last Saturday.

If you are into international politics, the driver of this erstwhile Ferrari 599 name might ring a bell, as a certain Josef Tosovsky is a former prime minister of the Czech Republic. Coincidentally, the report issued by the Fairfax County Police Department states the man behind the wheel was 65 years old, exactly the same age as the ex Czech government official. Tosovsky, PM for just a few months in 1998, has had quite a high-profile career in finance in the meantime, so he'd seem to be a plausible Ferrari owner, too. That being said, at the moment of writing there is no concrete evidence corroborating that it's the same person.

Regardless of the driver’s identity, he is implicated in a nasty crash. According to the police report, he was cresting a hill and suddenly noticed the traffic up ahead stopped to wait for a car that was making a left turn. Knowing that he wouldn’t have enough time to stop, he swerved to avoid a rear-end impact, crossed over the double yellow line, and had a messy head-on collision with a 2005 Acura RSX. The latter eventually came to a stop after hitting a utility pole. As for the out-of-control 599, the mayhem continued as it crashed into a BMW sedan and then hit a flatbed.

Miraculously, only the passenger in the 599 along with the driver and passenger in the RSX were transported to the hospital to receive care for non-life-threatening injuries. All of the others escaped safe and sound, including the Ferrari driver who is now facing charges for reckless driving.

Source: Fairfax County Police Department via Reddit

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