Inexperienced drivers and bad track officiating prove to be a disaster in the making.

The Toyota Pro/Celebrity race in Long Beach, California was nearly marred by tragedy as a combination of inexperienced drivers and bad track officiating could have cost a track worker serious injury or even death.

As you can see in the video, Awkward star Brett Davern goes wide and crashes into a tire barrier before rolling back onto the track.  The accident was fairly minor but because it was obscured by a corner, Toyota senior vice president Bob Carter accidently rams into Davern's car.  Carter stops his car shortly ahead of the original accident and a wrecker comes to his assistance.

Unfortunately, race officials only used a yellow flag so the workers are trying to remove Carter's car while other Scion FR-S are still driving by.  This proves to be a disastrous call as another driver slams into the back of Carter's car and a worker is sent flying into the air.  The worker was shaken but relatively okay, but the situation could have been a lot worse if the worker would have been pinned between the wrecker and the Toyota.

Source: YouTube and Automotive Magazine