Spokesperson says there are "no considerations to enter NASCAR."

Rumors about Audi entering NASCAR have been floating around for years so it comes as little surprise the speculation has resurfaced in recent weeks.

The rumor's origin is hard to pinpoint but Racer notes several website having been running stories that claim Audi will join Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.  However, the publication reached out to Audi of America and a company spokesperson said "There are no considerations to enter NASCAR by Audi."  The unnamed spokesperson went on to say "We will continue to focus our efforts on racing in IMSA/PWC, WEC and DTM."

While the idea of Audi entering NASCAR might sound crazy, the luxury brand's parent company almost entered the sport itself.  As Motorsport.com notes, a Volkswagen executive has previously said “People don’t realize just how close Volkswagen came to getting into NASCAR."  The unnamed exec went on to say the company was thinking enter the North American Passat into the Sprint Cup Series and the company held meeting with the NASCAR Chairman Bran France about a possible entry. France was reportedly presented with a series of requests and many are said to have been approved almost on the spot.  However, things quickly got bogged down over details and negotiations ended.

Source: Racer and Motorsport.com