Instagram user “vanvouche” has published several images with a Bugatti Chiron prototype he spotted in France.

As a matter of fact, the adjacent pics were shot in Obernai, about 6 miles (10 kilometers) from Bugatti’s Molsheim factory. So, what’s so special about this prototype (other than the blue & white livery)? We think this is a U.S.-spec Chiron judging by the orange side markers on the front and rear fenders. In addition, the shape of the rear license plate also indicates Bugatti was testing the American version of its Veyron replacement.

If you look closely, you’ll notice the rear wing is partially deployed and there are some strange black elements flanking the license plate. It’s unclear at this point what purpose they serve, but at least we can tell you it’s the first time we are seeing them. The Geneva showcar didn’t have them, nor did the one spotted in Monaco earlier this month.

Whatever those two are, it’s unlikely these will be found on customer cars and hopefully that won’t be the case since it kind of ruins the rear end design. In some ways, these peculiar black elements remind us of Porsche’s older 911s for U.S. which had those impact bumpers from 1974 until 1989.

It will be a while until we will get to see a production car, as Bugatti will kick off deliveries of the Chiron in October.

Additional images are available at the source link below.

Source: vanvouche (Instagram)

Blue & white Bugatti Chiron