The 2017 Ford GT documentary continues with a new episode about how it was engineered from day one both as a road and race car.

The GT revival is the pinnacle of Ford’s performance division and at the same time it makes a rather bold statement, putting only a biturbo V6 engine in a supercar that costs around $450,000. Making extensive use of carbon fiber, the new GT was created from the very beginning as a race car and a road-going model which generated some obstacles during development.

The Blue Oval company has already received great feedback from customers, registering more than 7,000 applications in one week after opening the order books. The problem is, Ford is taking only 500 registrations at this point and will build just 250 units each year. So far, the most popular color optioned on the configurator is Liquid Blue, followed by Matte Black and Frozen White.

Deliveries of the 2017 Ford GT are slated to commence before the end of the year and the first production car is being reserved for none other than Bill Ford. Those lucky to get behind the wheels of the carbon-clad supercar with 600+ hp will have to sign a document stipulating they can’t sell it for a certain amount of time. Ford is taking this measure to keep buyers from selling the car at a profit right after taking delivery.

We are patiently waiting to find out all of the technical specifications and performance details for what is shaping up to be a worthy continuation of the iconic GT.

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