A rather interesting Ferrari 488 GTB was spotted the other day, but at this point it’s tricky to figure out exactly what we have here.

Caught on camera in Maranello, the mysterious 488 GTB has a significantly modified rear end with a new bumper hosting big air vents to aid cooling of the engine. Speaking of which, the engine cover has been reshaped and the third brake light is no longer placed above the prancing horse. The dual exhaust tips and the diffuser appear to be carried over from the regular car, but that could change on the final design.

The car’s front end is also different compared to the regular 488 GTB, as it features a pair of wider air intakes and a generous amount of carbon fiber on the bumper. Also noticeable are the body’s three central stripes showing the Italian flag and there could be other changes that are not visible due to the low quality of the pics.

So, what could it be? There are many possibilities in regards to the car’s identity. For starters, this could be an early sight of the 488 GTB Speciale which will likely be out in the second half of 2017 or in 2018. If not, Ferrari could be testing a new GT model which was confirmed by the company's Far East Managing Director Dieter Knechtel about three weeks ago. If that’s the case, we could be looking at the Dino’s revival disguised in 488 GTB’s apparel.

Ferrari has a long tradition of coming out with one-offs, so we are not excluding the possibility this is a special 488 GTB commissioned by a customer who is willing to pay top dollars for a unique car. If this isn’t a one-of-a-kind Ferrari, it could be some sort of a special edition set to be built in limited quantities.

Taking into account it was spotted at home in Maranello and has provisional Italian license plates, this is a prototype from Ferrari rather than a tuner’s car.

Source: Davide Cironi drive experience  via Facebook

Ferrari 488 GTB with different rear end