With approximately 70% of all Porsches ever made still in drivable condition, the engineers from Stuttgart are reaching out to owners of older cars by offering tires tailored to specific vehicle generations.

Remember when Porsche and Michelin teamed up to offer tires for the Carrera GT? Well, now the sports car manufacturer has joined forces with another tire vendor, Pirelli, for some of the new extra tires designed for older cars. These new rubbers have the same appearance and profile design as their historical counterparts, but feature all the technology you find in a modern tire.

For model years 1959 through 2005, there are 32 new tire recommendations for the 356 (B and C), Boxster (986), and the 911 (G model, 964, 993, 996). In addition, some of the tires have been designed for the transaxle model series 924, 928, 944, and 968.

In total, for model years 1959 through 2006 there are no less than 161 different summer and 131 winter tire recommendations available through the Porsche classic tires program. If we take into account the tires for the 993 and 996 models and all cars launched during the last ten model years, there are a whopping 2,200 recommendations.

This goes to show that Porsche really values its customers, regardless of the model they own. Be it a 1959 356 B or a 1988 924, Porsche has an old-look tire with modern technology available. You can check out the current list of tires released by Porsche HERE.

Source: Porsche

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