It's been a huge year for Ferrari considering 2022 gave us the not-an-SUV Purosangue and the 499P Le Mans endurance hypercar. The year isn't over yet as the Prancing Horse has one more debut planned. However, this new model will only exist in the virtual realm, for PlayStation owners. Come Sunday, a Vision Gran Turismo concept is going to break cover during the GT World Series finals. In the meantime, this 15-second teaser will have to suffice.

The wide LED strips are like those of the 499P, so we're curious to see whether the GT7-bound digital vehicle will be an outlandish version of the race car destined to compete in WEC next year. A Ferrari VGT has been a long time coming considering these VGT cars have been around since November 2013 when Mercedes-AMG introduced its spectacular concept. Nine years later, Maranello is finally joining in on the fun.


Separately from Ferrari's teaser, Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi took to Twitter to announce that a 25th-anniversary update is coming later this week. Game studio Polyphony Digital CEO refrained from going into any details, but he did share an image of three new cars that are about to join GT7. The boxy one in the top-left corner appears to be a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth.

Your guess is as good as ours regarding the other two, but the bottom one might be a Nissan Silvia S14. The top-right car is seemingly a more modern model, maybe a BMW M2 or a Maserati of some sort. Either way, the Gran Turismo 7 garage is about to be expanded once more. Hopefully, the update will also come along with additional tracks since many players are complaining about the absence of certain circuits.

GT7 will face some stiff competition from spring 2023 when the next title in the Forza Motorsport franchise is scheduled to land. We're being promised a more realistic experience as the game's physics simulation has been improved by 48 times. All tracks will feature weather and time changes, along with a more sophisticated car damage system and the implementation of tire and fuel management. This overhaul should narrow the gap between FM and GT in terms of realism.

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