As it turns out, Renault is sticking with the “Koleos” moniker even though there were more than a few reports indicating the midsize SUV would make the switch to the “Maxthon” moniker. The decision to keep the same designation comes somewhat as a surprise if we take into account the outgoing Koleos underperformed, to say the least. When this happens, in many cases automakers decide to give the next-generation model a brand new nameplate as a move to distance it from its unsuccessful predecessor.

Naming aside, the 2016 Koleos can be best described as a Talisman SUV and this fresh design should make it an interesting contender in the midsize SUV segment. It’s essentially a Renault variant of the Nissan X-Trail, but unlike its sister model which is offered with seven seats, the new Koleos won’t get a third row of seats.

Renault’s D-segment SUV will celebrate its world premiere on April 25 at the Beijing Auto Show before going on sale in the second half of the year. China will get the Koleos first and will be followed by Australia, Europe, and Asia. Chances are that in South Korea the model will be sold as a Samsung and will be built locally.

Source: Renault

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