LeEco (formerly known as LeTV) has introduced today an all-electric concept which previews a production model aimed to go up against the Tesla Model S.

It was at the end of last August when co-founder and head of LeEco, Jia Yueting, announced his intentions to introduce an all-electric model. This is the car he was referring to and dare we say it looks rather promising, but keep in mind it’s only a concept for the moment. It’s a four-door sedan called “LeSEE” with a sloped roofline which gives it a sleek side profile and instead of conventional mirrors it uses cameras.

The roof appears to be made entirely from glass and creates the illusion of a single piece of glass connected at the front with the windshield and at the back with the rear window. The side skirts appear to be quite large and as a consequence the doors are rather short, so getting inside the cabin could be a bit tricky.

The front fascia adopts a pair of C-shaped headlights interconnected in the middle and as you can clearly see the concept does not have a conventional grille. The configuration of the headlights is mirrored at the back by the taillights and there also seems to be a central diffuser.

Stepping inside, LeEco has created a minimalist layout and from what we are seeing so far there aren’t any conventional buttons. Instead, the concept is fitted with a massive display on the dashboard which probably grants access to all of the car’s functions. The front seats have an interesting design and we are curious to see what’s going on in the back where there seems to be a stepped layout.

Technical details are slim at the moment of writing, but the concept does seem to be quite large and we hear the production version will eventually receive autonomous driving technology. The folks from Electrek were at the event and they say LeEco mentioned something about a 130-mph theoretical top speed, but we are more curious to find out info about the maximum range.

More details should arrive in the coming hours, so we’ll keep you posted once we find out additional information. For now, we can tell you that LeEco has announced it will bring the LeSEE concept to next week’s Beijing Auto Show.

Source: LeEco via electrek.co

LeSee concept