Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer, has confirmed in an interview with Autocar that a road car conversion kit for the Vulcan is currently in the works.

However, the transformation is going to be carried out externally as engineering company RML will be in charge of making the Vulcan track beast legally accepted on public roads. The package is currently in the works and it is going to target a very limited crowd taking into account Aston Martin is making only 24 units of the Vulcan at £1.8 million ($2.59M) a pop. It’s not known at this point how much it’s going to cost to make the car road legal, but Autocar estimates it will likely “stretch to a six-figure sum.”

Those eager to pay the price probably know already the conversion process will take approximately three months and will focus on making the car more usable for public roads. This means several aspects of the vehicle such as gear ratios and ride height will probably go through some changes. In addition, RML will also have to work on the car to make it safer and pass the safety requirements applicable in the owner’s respective country.

Chances are the Vulcans set to undergo the conversion will also receive a series of bespoke changes requested by the owners. Aston Martin says it did not want to make it legal from the start because it “wouldn’t have been able to make such a stunning car,” according to David King, the man in charge of AM’s special projects.

AM and RML are estimating that at least four or five of the 24 Vulcan owners will go for the conversion package. Meanwhile, the folks from Gaydon are currently negotiating the sales of the last two cars.

The Aston Martin Vulcan won’t be the only track car turned into a road-going vehicle, as Lanzante is working on a similar package for the McLaren P1 GTR.

Source: Autocar

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