Renault is kicking off the teaser campaign for the much awaited Koleos replacement set to bow in Beijing next week.

On sale since 2008, the Koleos is in dire need of a successor which according to the latest gossip will be called “Maxthon.” Renault is providing a first glimpse of its large SUV in a teaser video posted on media channels showing the full LED headlights which resemble those of the Megane and Talisman. As numerous spy photos have shown, the styling will have a lot in common with those two, but obviously adapted for the different body style.

Despite being much larger than the model is about to replace, the new SUV will be sold exclusively with a five-seat layout. That’s because Renault believes there aren’t enough families out there with four kids to create a market big enough for a version with an optional third row of seats. On the inside we are expecting to find the now familiar massive portrait-style touchscreen for the R-Link 2 infotainment system and a digital instrument cluster.

The engine and gearboxes will be sourced from the Nissan X-Trail from where the new high-riding model will borrow most of the hardware. As a matter of fact, Renault's design chief Laurens van den Acker said a while ago that “essentially we have made a Renault version of the X-Trail.”

The reason why Renault will introduce the Koleos replacement in Beijing next week is because that’s going to be the model’s main market and is going to be produced locally. Besides China, we know Renault has plans to sell this in Australia, Asia, and Europe. Most likely, the SUV will eschew the diamond logo for the Samsung badge in South Korea where it will likely be assembled as well.

We will have all the info on Monday, April 25, when the 2016 Beijing Auto Show will open its doors to the press.

Source: Renault

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