Lewis Hamilton says he does not feel he owes anything to Formula 1, as he reckons no other driver works harder to promote the sport than him.

The world champion, 31, has often been in the spotlight in recent times for his busy celebrity lifestyle away from the circuits.

But Hamilton insists he does not feel any extra responsibility towards Formula 1, as he claims he has given "blood, sweat and tears" to make the sport more popular.

"I actually promote the sport more than any other driver ever has," Hamilton told CNN in an interview.

"I'm in more events talking about Formula 1 more than any other driver ever has, probably than all the drivers put together and more, so I don't feel I have any more responsibility.

"I have some incredible fans and I give them as much time as I can to motivate them, so I don't know what else I have to give to it.

"I've been there for 10 years. I love the sport. I've given my blood, sweat and tears for the sport.

"No, I don't feel like I owe it anything."

Wants little say in F1 rules

The Briton also said he does not feel F1 drivers need a bigger say in the regulations, as he admits the sport is controlled by the owners.

"I would say very little. Very, very little," Hamilton said when asked how big of a say drivers had in F1.

"Ultimately sport, business... it's money and power. We would stay stuff but ultimately it's those people who sit in a chair, striking a pen, paying cheques, making money that will that ones who [make the decisions].

"I don't think there is a fault. I didn't say I was wrong. It's a corporate business, and money is the power and money is the ruler and the people who own the sport make the decisions."

When asked if he could like to have more of a say in F1 rules, he said: "Not really. It doesn't make any difference."

Source: Motorsport.com

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