Kids, don’t try this at home. Professional stuntman Damien Walters managed to perform a spectacular yet terrifying stunt: jumping over a Formula E car that was coming from behind.

Walters made it look like it’s very easy to jump over an electric race car without even seeing it, but you obviously it’s very difficult to perform such a stunt taking into account you’re not actually seeing the car. In addition, the Formula E was doing precisely 60 miles per hour (96.5 kilometers per hour), so you can imagine there wasn’t any room for mistakes: if he jumped too soon, he would’ve hit the back of the race car with his head. Jumping too late would’ve hit his legs.

Behind the wheel was none other than stunt driver Alistair Whitton, who described the stunt as being downright “crazy.” While the backflip was technically blind, Damien Walters did use a digital clock telling him the exact moment when he needed to jump: 6.6 seconds after the Formula E car started. The stunt took place last month in Mexico City and it required a crew of 60 people, including safety professionals and stunt experts.

Taking the “leap of faith” concept even further, the stunt was actually proposed by Walters to Formula E and it took two days of preparations to set everything right down to the last detail. All the action was captured by a crew of 30 people (with three track camera teams) using drones, GoPros, along with a 360-degree camera mounted onboard the Formula E car.

This synchronization of man and machine was just perfect and you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the stunt in one of the videos below.

Watch this:

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