After we compared these images with a previous batch of spy pics showing Jeep’s Compass & Patriot replacement, we initially thought this was Fiat's version, the so-called “500XL.”

However, we’re not so sure about that now, as the beltline does not appear to be identical and the windows of the rear doors seem to have a slightly different shape. In addition, this prototype looks a tad bigger than the new Jeep, but that might be because of the extensive amount of disguise it’s wearing.

We know for a fact that Jeep will introduce a new model to replace both the Compass and Patriot in the third quarter of the year. Codenamed “551,” it will be launched in South America first because this is where the new model is going to be assembled initially.

Some are saying that Jeep will use the “Compass” moniker as it has a bigger global appeal compared to the “Patriot” which is too U.S.-focused. Regardless of its designation, the new model is expected to ride on a stretched version of the Small Wide platform that has served as foundation for the Renegade.

As for the Fiat version which may or may not be depicted in these pics, it’s believed to see the light of production day sometime in 2017.

If this prototype doesn’t actually show the Fiat “500XL,” what else could it be? The front fascia with the slender upper lights sends a bit of a Fiat Toro vibe, but it's hard to tell with all that annoying camouflage. Whatever it is, chances are it's a product from FCA.

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