Get ready for another disappointment from Mazda. This past weekend we found out a new RX model is not on the agenda in the foreseeable future, and it seems there won’t be a new MPS model either. As a matter of fact, a road-going Mazdaspeed is unlikely to come out after the rotary-powered RX revival. Mazda senior global executive, Masahiro Moro, told Motoring there won’t be any more “childish executions” like the old Mazda3 MPS and hinted that a new model from its performance arm has slim chances of coming out before an RX-8 successor.

Company’s senior managing executive officer, Yuji Nakamine, sees the MPS division as a tool to push Mazda further upmarket and at the same time have a more direct adversary for the likes of Mercedes-AMG, Audi Sport, and BMW M. A resurrection of the “RX” moniker would also help Mazda become a more active player in the premium segment, but for now that lovely RX-VISION concept remains only a “dream,” according to Nakemine.

The reason why Mazda isn’t ready to rejuvenate the RX and MPS is because it wants to be careful with how it deploys its “engineering resources for the best interests of our customers in the market.” In other words, there are more important models on the agenda right now, particularly crossovers and SUVs like the forthcoming CX-4.

Although these high-riding models are definitely not as exciting as a hypothetical RX-9 or a new Mazda3/Mazda6 MPS, crossovers and SUVs represent a more viable business case because these bring in more cash.


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