For the 1957 model year, the Buick Roadmaster introduced a new front-end design with an even wider windshield and reverse-slanted pillars. The highlight of the design, however, was probably the so-called Dagmar bumpers at the front, while on the tech side, there was a new V8 engine with 300 horsepower. Due to the financial recession that started the prior year, though, the new Roadmaster wasn’t a great sales success, managing to register about 33,000 sales. This makes it a rare vehicle these days and it’s even rare in motorhome form.

Yes, you read that right – there are custom motorhome creations based on the 1957 Roadmaster, something that didn’t come straight out of the factory. This is exactly the case with the machine featured in the video above, which comes from the More Mortske Repair channel on YouTube. It’s not exactly in good condition but it’s definitely a great vehicle from an era long gone.

In fact, the early impressions are that this machine needs a lot of work and money to return to its former glory. Judging by the look of the front end and the damage to the fascia and left fender, it had an accident at some point in the past. The engine also doesn’t seem to be in place and the hood is detached from the hinges. The vehicle was bought from an online auction and the ad said there was no transmission. The windshield is broken but the tires still hold pressure.

The bad news is that… this is the better part of the vehicle. Footage from inside the living area shows everything in the camper zone is dirty and most of the equipment is probably broken. The tow mirrors are also missing and so are probably many other components that remain invisible to the eye in this video.

So what’s the plan? The host of the video doesn’t seem to want to restore or drive the home-built motorhome as it really requires a lot of work and money. Instead, he is willing to sell it to someone who has the time and resources to make something out of it. Interested? Watch the video and contact the seller. And remember – never drink and bid on stuff online. 

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