At last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda introduced the rather stunning RX-VISION concept which fueled rumors related to a possible RX revival. That might happen at one point in the future, but we shouldn’t hold our breath after hearing a statement coming from Mazda’s global director and senior managing executive officer, Yuji Nakemine. Speaking to CarAdvice, he said the RX-VISION was “kind of a dream of bringing that to the market in the future.” He went on to specify there is “no specific plan to mass-produce the vehicle.”

Nakemine also declared that only if the company will make good money with existing products it will be able to spend more on engineering which in return would see the return of the RX. Reading between the lines, he’s basically saying the company isn’t willing at this point to spend a lot of money to develop a new rotary-powered car.

That being said, we shouldn’t lose all hope, especially since at the beginning of the month we found out Mazda filed a patent application for a new rotary turbocharged engine believed to pack around 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts). Many rumors have indicated a brand new RX model will be launched in 2020 when Mazda is going to celebrate its centenary, so maybe it will happen after all.

If it will, let’s just hope the sleek design of the RX-VISION concept won’t get lost in translation on its way to the production line. A high-performance, rear-wheel-drive coupe equipped with a new-generation rotary engine has a lot of potential and if the concept was any indication, a new RX model would be pretty sweet.


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