Ordinarily Formula 1 cars feature symmetrical designs, mainly because it provides aerodynamic stability.

However, in recent seasons teams have toyed with using asymmetry in a quest for additional performance.

Lest we forget Lotus' 2014 challenger featured an asymmetric nose, rear wing support pylon and was often seen utilizing different sized cooling outlets at the rear of the car.

A symmetrical design also makes for an easier design process, with initial CFD studies usually conducted on half a car and mirrored, before being moved onto a more intensive model.

Scuderia Toro Rosso STR11 rear detail

At several races in 2015, in Bahrain and it would appear it will be doing so again in China, Toro Rosso has been exploring the latter, running with a larger cooling outlet on one side of the car.

Having run the asymmetric design option with both a Renault and Ferrari power unit it is clear to say that its decision may centre on their internal sidepod packaging, with the sidepods home to various radiators, intercoolers and oil coolers.

Additional reporting by Matt Somerfield

Source: Motorsport.com