UTVUnderground goes behind the scenes to show us what goes wrong when filming a stunt video.

You probably have seen at least one of Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos and you can imagine that a lot of planning and work goes into setting everything up so that it will look great on screen. While the end result is in most cases very spectacular, we rarely get to see what happens behind the scenes, especially the failed attempts.

UTVUnderground has now decided to show us some of the bloopers involving a heavily modified Polaris RZR in the hands of professional driver RJ Anderson. One stunt that caught our attention is the “90’ Train Gap” which involved the RZR jumping over derelict trains and it almost didn’t make it to the landing ramp. While the front wheels made it on the other side, the edge of the ramp obliterated the rear axle, but in the end the stunt crew managed to get it right.

All these stunts you see in the video are part of the “XP1K3” campaign which took more than a year of planning. A team of 15 worked for more than a month on the custom playground, while the Mad Media crew in charge of capturing the footage spent two weeks on location to grab on camera all the action.

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