The owner of an Audi S4 was shocked to discover his car got abused by a technician at official Audi service center.

We’ve heard tons of stories about cars being driven by mechanics or parking valet drivers, but this one takes the prize for the most shocking one. A man claims his Audi S4 was abused by an employee of Audi Palo Alto who drove it “recklessly”, double speeding the limits on city streets. What’s more, he even suspects the mechanic of using “cocaine or an illicit substance,” as “white powder was left in the seams” of the seats.

The attached video indeed shows a technician inspecting the headlights of the car and then taking it for a long high-speed ride around the town. Then, he takes a break to “indulge in an unknown illicit substance,” according to the owner.

Shortly after the man took his 2014 Audi S4 with automatic gearbox and Milltek exhaust system from the service, he sent the video to the president of the dealership and “they haven't even bothered to respond” yet.


Source: Carrera Chris

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